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"Golf is a game in which you yell "Fore!", shoot six, and write down five"."     --Paul Harvey (RIP)


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Message from the Grand Beaver!



                      2016 Golden Beaver Rydercup:

                has completed and a wonderful two day event it was.  Two great golf

                courses, 32 players from all over the United States came to Littleton

                Colorado for the 3rd BeaveRyder Cup.  Wyoming vs. USA and the winner

                by a slight margin was.............  Team  USA!!!!!!     Great time had by all.


                Thanks to the Grand Beaver and Mrs Beaver for their hospitality and setting it all up.


                The next event for the 36th Golden Beaver Open will be

                 Date:  October ?,  2017      

                 Location:  Nashville, Tennessee

                 Golf Courses:  TBD


                Put the date on your calendar and hope to see everyone there.




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