About the GBO



"Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child.  Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five."         --- John Updike













  What is the GBO

It's an event conceived by some dudes from a state where there's not much to do if it weren't

for the sheep and the wide open spaces....  It's an event where friends have traveled great

distances to be with old friends, make new friends and most importantly reflect on old memories

and make new ones! - B. P.


"The GBO was integrated after 5 years; now we are truly diverse with teams of brothers, spouses,

parents and kids.  Our diversity also shows in the commemoration of all things Beaver: the Winners

Cup and the BOOGA.  Oh, the glory in getting the Grand Slam - names on both awards!"  - M.S.M


"Beavers are sociable animals, they are mainly nocturnal and subsist chiefly on alcohol, golf and

  red meat!"  - A.H.


"GBO is an annual weekend set aside to join with other like-minded individuals in the pursuit of beer. 

It is also time to recapture a youth that slips further and further into the ether, but mostly, it's about

the beer." - Slick

  Becoming a Golden Beaver

Despite what the moniker would lead you to believe, participation in the GBO is subject to strictly-

enforced guidelines.  To gain admittance an applicant should first submit an impressive dossier. 

Naturally, the selection committee is looking or examples of social inadequacy, career failure and

academic underachievement.  A significant police record doesn’t hurt either.


But most importantly for new candidates seeking admittance into the brethren, the “Only One Beaver

Removed” rule sets the standard.  The OOBR effectively reduces the pool of potential Beavers to a

group that includes only friends of current Beavers (or past Beavers who remain in good standing). 

And further, the current (or past) Beaver must sponsor the candidate and take a solemn oath before

the Grand Beaver that the spirit of the GBO will live within their sponsored candidate.   It can be real

bad mojo for a Beaver if their sponsored candidate turns out to be a schmuck.


Of course past and present Beavers who remain in good standing are always welcome under the

“Once a Beaver, Always a Beaver” postulate.  Simply stated, “once you’re in, you’re in”.  That is

assuming no reported instances of un-Beaverly behavior, which could lead (and has led) to a lifetime

Beaver-ban.  Examples of such behavior are:    


1)     While breathing beer and pizza breath directly into the Grand Beaver’s face, boldly tell him

        how crappy you think the tournament is and how you have all these ideas that will make it better.

        (Do this in your first year for special consideration.)


2)     While playing in the final foursome, cuss and flip-off the non-Beaver participants in the group

        behind you.  While on occasion there may be justification for this action, it’s not when the local

        Catholic Priest (easily identifiable by his collar) is playing in that group.


3)     In mid-tournament, pour out your refreshing beverages and go for the win. Any true Beaver

        understands that the wastefulness alone is cause for sanction, but to ‘try and win’?  Well, it is

        absolutely intolerable. (See Winners – 1993)


4)     And finally, this combination will get your non-Beaver butt thrown out every time: Be marginally

       acceptable under the OOBR, be good golfers, and try to win… and win.  Despicable. 

       (See GBO – Winners: 1995”.)

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