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The BOOGA: "Beaver of Opprobrious and Objectionable Golf Ability" - Grand Beaver






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              As the Booga Travels



As the 2010 GBO came to a close and the Booga award was given out  a new tradition

was born that had to do with the Booga trophy!  As the Grand Beaver has always said,

its not about the golf, its about the camaraderie , the places and the beer! 

A decision was made at that point to photograph unusual places in which the Booga

has traveled (you all have seen the ATT commercial).. 


After 22 years of handing this award or awards out, much like the winners trophy, I am sure

this had been almost around the world... Ok around the USA.  So this year begins "Where is

the Booga?" or As the Booga Travels".  Hope you enjoy and suggestions are welcome

as to where you would like to see the Booga Trophy show up.


Continue to check back to see where the Booga has traveled recently!




2010 - Carlier & D'Andrea (So. California)                       


2014 - Jake Payne (Eastern Illinois University)                  Booga Travels