GBO Booga Award



The BOOGA: "Beaver of Opprobrious and Objectionable Golf Ability" - Grand Beaver




              The Booga Award & Winner's



 By definition, this hallowed award was originally given to the player whose ability

(or lack thereof) not only  resulted in tremendously high scores (a prerequisite at the time),

but proved painful for others to watch.


The first BOOGA was awarded to Doug Bessert.  A giant of a man, a 6’-9” power forward at the

University of Wyoming, Doug exhibited an uncanny ability to master the short-drive. 

When given the advantage of a twenty-foot elevated tee box, Doug was able to fractionally

whiff the ball, allowing it just enough momentum to reach the edge of the tee box, tumble

over the rock face and, when reaching the bottom, slowly roll forward; resulting in a ten yard

drive.  When given no such advantage Doug’s drives often resulted in……………….

well……………..it’s really to painful to recall.


The second BOOGA was garnered by Jody South, who remains the only two-time BOOGA

winner.  For Jody, crossing the Platte River at Saratoga Golf Course was more than a fight

to defeat a water hazard.  No, for Jody it became much more than that.  It was personal. 

It was a life struggle.  It was his quest to defeat the monster.  He lost.  And so, not only do

dozens of Jody’s golf balls line the bottom the river (it’s okay; they were mostly range balls

anyway), but several of Jody’s clubs found their way into the water as well.  Legend has it

that his three-wood struck and killed a six-and-a-half pound brown trout, and I’m sure, to

this day, his driver can still be seen lodged between a cottonwood tree and the northern

ridge abutment.


But the following year, the Grand Beaver had a revelation.  He concluded that all Beavers,

(especially upon reaching the saturation point) have the ability to golf in both an

opprobrious and objectionable manner.  Singling out any one individual was becoming

a difficult task at best.  Everyone sucked.


And so the criteria for awarding the BOOGA was redefined.  From its third year forward,

the trophy has gone to the participant who best defines the Beaver Spirit, someone who

makes the tourney better just by being there and doing what they do.  These BOOGA winners

have made us laugh, they’ve made us shake our heads, they’ve made us post bail, but most

of all they’ve made us understand what being a Beaver is all about.  From Sally, to Tom, to

Alex, to Donny, and all the others in between, the GBO was better in that year they won it,

because they were there.  BOOGA!!! 


            Winners of the Booga Award


1981 - N/A

1982 - N/A

1983  - N/A

1984  - N/A

1985 -  N/A

1986 - N/A

1987 - N/A

1988 - N/A

1989 - Doug Bessert

1990 - Jody South

1991 - 'Champagne' Sally Broderick

1992 - Tom "3-Putt" Wood

1993 - Jim "Year Late" Gilpin

1994 - Alex "Long Putt" Hill

1995 - Jody "DUI" South

1996 - Samantha Samuelson

1997 - Kevin Bethke

1998 - Troy "Red" Schindler

1999 - Doug Samuelson

2000 - Dan "Blue Devil" Broderick

2001 - Randy " Tree Climber" Huggins

2002 - The Yukon Beaver

2003 - The Irishman - Tim O'Donovan

2004 - Rick Melder

2005 - Steve Loftin

2006 - HK Bain (in absentia)

2007 - Donny Ostrand

2008 - "Sister Sandwich" Kim Tanner & Dana Martin (abstainment)

2008 - Laurie "Whitewater" Vernon

2009 - Kathy Stutheit

2010 - Ed & Jennie Carlier & Joel & Beth D'Andrea

2011 - Lorrie South

2012 - Brad "Sandman" Cundy

2013 - "The Movers" Brogan Heden & Scott Hillier

2014 - Jake Payne

2015 - Don Healy

2016 - Grand Beaver - Terry Vernon