GBO Notable Moments

    GBO Notable Moments!!



1981 - The inaugural Beaver. Just eight guys looking for somewhere to play golf in March!


1982 - John and I repeat as winners, people start asking questions about the rules!


1983  - Doug brings in a ringer and proves anyone can win!


1984  - A change of venue leads to the first of three championships for Troy!


1985 - The first year for Beaver shirts and now legitimate golfers are winning.


1986 - Beaver attendance is up!  Real golfers win again causing multiple rule revisions!


1987 - One of Chris's friends given lifetime Beaver ban for conduct unbecoming even for Beavers!


1988 - A woman wins a Beaver Trophy.  Someone call Martha Burke!  Troy goes swimming.


1989 - Beaver field reaches 48.  BOOGA awarded, based on height.


1990 - John and Terry win again!  Everything's right with the world.  Jody and Windsor

          whiskey go BOOGA.


1991 - Doug loses again and decrees this as the first non-sanctioned (California) GBO.


1992 - No beer on the course. First time players winning the trophies!  The Beaver hits

          the dark years.


1993 - Winners disqualified for pouring out their beer and trying to win the Tourney. 

          Completely unacceptable behavior!  Real Beaver types  belatedly awarded the trophies.


1994 - A tie for the trophies.  No one in condition for a playoff.  Decker and Harry played too

          well and were not invited back. (per the new rules)


1995 - Jody gets drunkard-up, applies the parking break at 60 mph and goes to jail.  Makes

          bail by 7 a.m. and is on the course with his Windsor by 8:00.


1996 - First sanctioned event since 1990. Red Ward breaks into the defending champion's

          ex-wife's house to recover the trophy.  Mission accomplished!


1997 - Beaver field includes many original Beavers returning after the unsanctioned events.


1998 - The GBO goes to two rounds!  When Jeff can't make it Tom Wood goes ménage-a

          trios and finally gets his name on the trophy.  Thanks Jeff!


1999 - Doug buys golf shoes and becomes the first BOOGA/Champ, two-trophy winner.


2000 - Grand setting for the GBO's 20th anniversary.  Troy brings Beaver vests for everyone!


2001 - After his tee shot and two thrown golf clubs stick high in a tree, Randy climbs into

          the tree to retrieve them.  On the way down he collapses the roof of the golf cart! 

          This is how you win a BOOGA!!


2002 - Alex, Brett and Rick prove that three Beavers are better than two!  The Spieles

          graciously open their home to a Beaver Bash!  Terry buys a new truck.


2003 - Tim, Mary and Slick forced to replay a hole when they somehow play the wrong ball. 

          How'd that happen!  Oh yeah... did you see Jeff & Tom won?


2004 - Rules committee to meet following Jeff and Chris's second championship.  this just

          can't be right?  Where's Troy?  He was here a minute ago!


2005 - Steve goes to new Orleans to win a BOOGA and Bob & Jody stage a very dramatic

          come-from-behind victory.  Hey the Beaver turns 25!!


2006 -  The year of the SOB’s (Spouses of Beavers)!  Courting their new (thanks to Bernie)

           Beaver-buddies, the SOB’s spent the weekend touring the Central California Wineries,

           accessorizing and showing-off their new companions (See GBO Memorabilia-2006).  

           Everyone had much fun in the Sideways Bar and Red’s credit card kept showing up

           everywhere, as he mistakenly paid for the entire Beaver Banquet……………….or was

           it just a bottle of wine??


2007 -  The Beavers returned to Lake Tahoe and found an interesting old inn (or was it just

           run down), two very tough golf courses and lots of bears!  As we assembled at the

           Squaw Valley Resort for the first round, we watched the maintenance crew chase a

           momma and two cubs off of the course.  I don’t know who the golfer was on the second

           fairway, but he perfectly exhibited the ‘save yourself’ mentality as he jumped in his

           golf cart and sped away leaving his partner running for cover.  By the way, Jerry

           lost 23 golf balls in one day.


           And for those of you ladies who have always said, ‘Rick is such a nice guy and he’s so polite’,

           well………………….…………………you were warned.


2008 - The Beavers invade Utah!  We played two great golf courses, figured out the whole state-run

          beverage thing and came away without any incarcerations, or LDS conversions (as far as we know). 

          Rick was on much improved behavior this year, although I’m sure Karen’s presence had much to do

          with that.  Thanks Karen.  And thanks to Rick and Karen both for bringing Joe and Angie, great people

          and true Beaver stock.  Mary and Mikey failed to keep their scores high enough to avoid dealing with

          the champion’s trophy and the Sister Sandwich (Dana/Kim) took home the BOOGA.  The rest of the

          Beaver crew lived up to our normal expectations and as always there are too many great moments to


          Oh yeah, and while the SOB’s went river rafting, Laurie fell out of the raft and pulled the guide in with



2009 - Ummmm, pretty quite time, played golf!!!


2010 - Beaver Ryder Cup, Team Wyoming vs. Team USA.  The location was... in the middle of no where!

           The tensions were high, the boundaries were set, you were either on one side or the other and the

          golf was interesting.  All said and done Team Wyoming wins out, but it was fun had by all!

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