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         Who are the S.O.B.'s?

The SOB's are an elite group of ladies that happen to be associated with the Golden


Beavers is some aspect... OK they are the "Spouses of Beavers"  They are know for their


extra curricular activities such as shopping, river rafting and site seeing while the GBO


is in session.  They are as follows:




SOGB Laurie     - spouse of the Grand Beaver .... and author of the comments below.


SOB Susan S.      - spouse of Doug ....  She doesn't hang on to a rafting guide's leg very well. 

                                                                                 Maybe it's called "intelligence"?


SOB Kimm           - spouse of Brett .... The Mexican Train co-queen! (and owner of the dominoes). 

                                                                                   In all these years I've never seen her "tipsy"... strange

                                                                                   effect of  the altitude in Park City, I guess.


XSOB Tina           -"friend" of Beavers .... found it so fun, she had to stay!


SOB Kathy P.      -"friend" of Tom .... No longer afraid to raft on those Class II wild rapids with us!


SOB Bonnie        -spouse of Scott .... The Mexican Train co-queen!  And quasi sister to Kimm!


SOB Jennie         - spouse of Ed .... I hope next year isn't on Pioneer Day!  Oh, it won't be in Utah

                                                                                anyway!  Find a new song.


SOB RaeAnn      - spouse of Jerry .... You're only allowed one year of AWOL - put next year

                                                                                    on the calendar!!!


SOB Karen           - spouse of Rick .... It's understood that Karen MUST attend as resident caretaker

                                                                                of Rick, who "has full moon... will travel"... need I say more?


SOB Angie           - spouse of Joe .... She's a blast and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better!


SOB Barb              - spouse of Mike .... Rumors flying that Barb will join the gals next year, now that

                                                                                     she's met us and not afraid any longer.

SOB Susan B.     - spouse of Bernie .... She's not allowed to golf any more... being abducted at the

                                                                                    2009  GBO by the SOBs - (sorry, Bernie, find a new partner,

                                                                                    it'll save you money in the long run.)


SOB Lisa               - spouse of Alex .... A part-time SOB!  Would love to see more of her!


SOB Maureen   - spouse of Red -


SOB Beth              - spouse of Joel -


SOB Sue                 - spouse of Kevin -


SOB Janet             - spouse of Mark -







What the SOB's are all about: